A Swedish brand established

by two women who thought their plants needed a prettier home. And their home needed more care.

We have more than 16 years of experience sourcing the best factories and suppliers for other companies in Asia. We have also designed interior accessories, furnitures, lightings and tableware for a decade. That´s why we have confident in our products.


(only in Swedish for the time being)


MYYA is a design brand in the south of Sweden, established in 2017. The name is an amalgamation of “my miya”. “miya” meaning palace in Japanese and has the same character in Chinese.

Japanese homes are often very small, making each item placed in it an important decision, and therefore much more valuable. We want our products to be that choice.


My Miya- Home is my Palace. Home should be like your own little palace. Our design aims to be harmonious to your existing interior, but also recognizable enough to express your taste and style.

For us at MYYA the home is the place you miss, long for, and talk fondly of when you are away. Our aim to make you appreciate your home like your own palace, and give you inspiration for a higher quality lifestyle. Even if it is the everyday working space, we wish to inspire you to strive for your goals and your dreams to come true in it. With a comfortable and inspiring home, you get the creativity to make anything possible. We want to create items which enhance these feelings and your memory of them.

Our products are designed by Mimmi T. Silesius, who has a long experience in ceramic and glass. She has a master in glass and art from England, and started as a designer-maker while doing freelance jobs for some glass manufacturers in Sweden. In the last few years she has designed for big manufacturers in Asia, which supply for IKEA, West Elm, Hübsch and many other major brands. Her inspirations are often related to poetry taken from the daydreaming of life. Her design is dainty, feminine and easy to embrace.


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